Sales and export of bison

We are highly experienced and have considerable expertise in matters of sales and export of bison.

Thus, we have e.g. exported our bison to Finland, Germany, Sweden, France, Belgium, Austria, Russia, and others.

This also means that we are highly experienced with respect to the handling of sampling, various export documents and certificates as regards both the official veterinarian and the transport firm.

We have used the same transport firm for a number of years; and therefore, they are very well versed and experience in the transport of precisely bison.

When animals are transported to new breeding places, we tag along to make sure that all animals arrive safely at their new destination. Also, this way, expert knowledge will be available if any problems should occur en route.

Prior to the sale, there will typically be a dialogue focused on what it means to breed bison, a visit to the farm and, perhaps, also a visit paid by us to assess whether the area is suited for bison together with advice concerning fencing and trapping pen. A contract will be drafted – with first payment made in connection with the signing of the agreement. The residual amount will be settled before the animals leave Ditlevsdal.

Expenses for tests required in Denmark and the EU shall be paid by us. Any country-specific tests shall be payable by the buyer who shall likewise pay for the transport – albeit we shall carry any risks pertaining to the animals during the transport as such.

In general, we perform follow up with respect to animals sold by us for the purpose of verifying that they are handled correctly and, where necessary, to assist with respect to such problems as may have occurred. Naturally, buyers of our animals can always contact us and draw on our experience in case they have questions or otherwise need our help. There will always be something, when you throw yourself into unexplored territory.

We can be contacted by telephone at +45 64 80 12 27 in case of questions concerning the purchase of bison.