Fencing for bison

Ditlevsdal Bison Farm has many years of experience in secure fencing for bison; and we shall be pleased to provide advice, and we may also be instrumental in bringing about the purchase of materials at favourable prices.

There is no specific legislation as regards the fencing of bison – as long as the animals are securely fenced in! Here at Ditlevsdal we use animal fencing with internal electric wire fencing. The fence height is about 160-170 cm.

In addition, we are particularly careful to avoid sharp corners in the pen to avoid one of the animals being cornered without an opportunity for escape – e.g. during a fight, perhaps the bulls’ fight abot the cows.

The gates and entrances/exits of a bison pen are of major importance. They must be capable of withstanding being pushed by the large bulls. They shall close swiftly –in particularly as regards the trapping pen where it is important to have gates that will slam shut and lock “automatically” – from both sides.

The construction of the trapping pen as such is a bit different; and, here, requirements to functionality and durability are completely different. Again, this will depend on the number of animals to be handled. But, in any case, a trapping pen is a necessity if you want to take correct care of your animals.

We shall, of course, be available with advice and guidance and, perhaps, with the design of your trapping pen. Also we can be of assistance in connection with the purchase of a trapping pen designed specifically for bison.