Bison meat

We have a wide range  of bison cuts, minced meat, sausages, specialities and we are happy to help you with guidence on how to make a good bisonroast etc.

Bison hide

The size of bison hides vary. But typically a hide will be approx. 2.5 metres long and 2 metres wide.

The price of a hide will depend on its size and quality. Quality will e.g. depend on the lustre of the fur, holes, tanning, etc.

Bison hides cost between DKK 5,000 and DKK 12,000 all depending on quality.

The number of hides varies. They are extremely heavy and take up considerable space. Therefore it is good idea to give us a call in advance if you wish to see our current products. But should you just happen to come by, we usually have a few hides on display.

Bison cranium

A bison skull will be from a young bull of about 2½ years, weighing around 600 kg when it was shot in the field. The bullet hole is clearly visible in the centre of the forehead.

Price: DKK 2,500-3,500.

Chopping Boards;

From the company Stuff we have a wide range of chopping boards.


We also have a few souvenirs in the shape of small bison “teddies” and dream catchers for those who want a good night’s sleep without bad dreams.

Sweets & Ice

During the tourist season we carry an assortment of ice and sweets


We are more than happy to pack exciting and tasty gift hampers with products you don’t come across elsewhere.

Hampers are packed on request in accordance with special wishes and price levels.

Gift Vouchers

The farm shop issues gift vouchers for either the farm shop or the restaurant.